[BUG] Namespace collision might happen

In the generated code using Windows.ApplicationModel.Resources; has to be replaced with using global::Windows.ApplicationModel.Resources; and executingAssemblyName = Windows.UI.Xaml.Applica...

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Documentation for XAML use

Thanks for providing this helpful tool. It will help us to preserve multiple translation files we have created over the years. Could you extend your documentation for XAML use? It would be help...

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resourceLoader not initialised for Windows Store Project

Hi, For a project "Windows Store Project" (without XAML), Windows.UI.Xaml.Application return null. So "resourceLoader" never initialed. You can add : if ( Windows.UI.Xaml.Application.Curre...

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Access Options for Internal and or Sealed

This tool is awesome, thank you! Only problem for me is that I want to use it in a WinMD component and I don't want to expose the resources outside of the library. Every class in a WinMD component ...

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Add method for reloading strings after culture change

Hi, I use in my app functionality for switching the selected culture/language on the fly. For this I had to change the ResourceLoader logic. It would be great to have this functionality built in. ...

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Add Support for Visual Studio 2013 Community

I've just installed new Visual Studio 2013 Community and discovered, that it's not supported as well. There is no option in resw file Properties for this addon. It should be quite simple to fix th...

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Use ResourceLoader.GetForViewIndependentUse instead of ResourceLoader.GetForCurrentView

In the constructor of the generated Resources class, the ResourceLoader.GetForCurrentView() method is used to instantiate the resource loader. This method causes an exception with the message 'Reso...

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Add support for Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 Preview is now available, but when I installed this addon, it§s not available in the 2015 version.

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VS2012 says latest version is incompatible

I am attaching a screenshot.

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Issues while running tests for WindowsStore app

Hi there, first of all thanks for the work you put into this project. It saves me a lot of time when working with WinRT. The one issue I've found with it is that it doesn't quite work when used in...

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